Primal, Leviathan, Empyreum Ward 9, Plot 7.

ClosedClosedClosedClosedOpen @ 11pmClosedOpen @ 11pm

All time is in Central Time. Each opening lasts for at least two hours. Likely more.



Post Maloney

Owner / Bartender

A Miqo'te entrepreneur with connections aplenty.
Seemingly knowing "everyone", it's likely to have had an encounter with this blue haired cat, or to know someone that has. Though these days, they keep more secluded and to themselves compared to days of old.
They also still suck at writing self summaries.
Doesn't make them any less appealing, however.

Nemo Ham

Bartender / Eye Candy

Post Maloney's accomplice in a totally legit business venture, among other things in life.
Tall (for now), Beautiful (always), and somehow tolerant enough to stomach Post's antics.
Enjoys the adorable things in life, so if she thinks you're cute or funny. You might just get a cookie. Though, please be gentle as this bunny can break down at any moment.

Ardolis Kenacc

Unpaid Intern

Regular turned bartender and maker of bad jokes when the time calls for them. (Perhaps even when they are not...) Also laying claim to running champion of "Not winning the lemonade challenge" since January 2023.

Devoss Sasaki

Bartender / Gyatt🥵

Actually breaks down if you send even just 1% rizz their way.

About & Rules


• Please be respectful to everyone.
• No erotic or sexual role-play in say or public emote chat.
• Please keep anything spicy to tells or private party chat.
• Please be considerate with use of minions and items.
• Weapons under most circumstances should be non-visible.
• Please do not over-use Shout and Yell chat.


Lunaria is designed to be a higher-class and relaxing Bar & Lounge venue for all to enjoy. Want a place to chill with a group of friends? Lunaria should be able to accommodate.
Looking for a place to relax and just people observe? Should be able to accommodate for that as well!
Whatever your need is for coming here today, we will, and have tried our best to make sure Lunaria is a good fit.

Accommodation Walkthrough:

Main Bar

Sit down and grab a drink! The main bar is open!
This is where you should naturally come for your insatiable appetite for tasty drinks to attempt to quench it.

Bard Stage

Sit down, or stand around!
If there's live music in the venue, this is where it'll be played from. There might not always be a bard present, so if not, do not fret! Maybe one isn't scheduled, or perhaps it's open stage night! Ask Post Maloney what the deal is, they'll let you know.

Overflow Bar

This bar should not be treated as the main bar. However, in the case that the main bar is at full capacity, then this bar will work as a secondary 'overflow' bar. This is also where any secondary Staff or help will attend and run drinks to booth and other seating customers.

Intimate Booths

Brought a date? Or perhaps feel the love?
Maybe you are just a group of friends and want a spot to yourself. Either way, these booths are a solid choice! Feel free to occupy them! If a secondary Staff member is present, you will receive service so you need not get up and move!
(It's suggested due to camera to sit on the same side,
Or to sit opposite and use first person mode camera.)

Fountain Pond

Want a relaxing spot to sit down and unwind?
Then around the iconic fountain and pond just might be the best choice possible.
Perfect for singles, small groups, or large ones!
Spread out, kick back, enjoy the flowing water and drift off to your own world... Or watch everyone around you.



Care to reserve Lunaria for a private event?

Whether it be a wedding after party, a raid clear celebration, or literally any other excuse to get the boys together for a fun night out; Lunaria can be potentially reserved on non-standard opening days & times!
Exact times and days available for reservation may, and will vary depending on owner and staff availability. Please contact Post Maloney if you have any intentions on making reservations.
Any tier of reservation includes a bar buyout, nobody need pay a dime!* ... Well, aside from the original reservation fee of course.
When reserved, the venue will not have a Party Finder open, unless specifically requested.
*An additional fee may be applied if an obscene amount of people partake in the Lemonade Challenge.

Reservation Pricing:

2 Hour Reserved Opening - 5mil Gil4 Hour Reserved Opening - 8mil Gil

Barding & Music

Lunaria has a bard stage to support local bards!
Please contact Post Maloney if you wish to become a regular bard for Lunaria. (Payment Options may be available)
Some nights, Lunaria may host Open Stage nights.
Please, if playing, limit to calming instruments and songs.
As much as it's fun to play Dragonforce, this is not really the place for that.

Current Event

Memorial Day Cookout & Picnic

Starts in:

    Join us for Lunaria's first ever outside special event!
    On Memorial day, we will be hosting an outdoor Cookout & Picnic in the front lawn of Lunaria.
    Specially decorated in an attempt to create the most authentic cookout experience I could muster.
    To go with such a unique event for us, we will have a custom menu on the night full of unique, but familiar classics you would expect to find at your local cookout!
    Relax after finishing some of the new content, or take a breather before you go head first into the new Savage tier!

    Current Event

    There is no current event


    The next event will be posted & updated here when it is planned.